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With industry regulations becoming more and more stringent, increasing press interest and the evolution of resistant strains of bacteria have resulted in the successful application of alternative methods of treatment, like UV treatment

ultra violet


  • Is one of the most important segments for ultraviolet disinfection. In addition to centralized drinking water UV treatment plants.
  • UV water purification can reduce, and in some cases replace, chlorine as primary drinking water disinfectant. Water sterilized with UV meets microbiological requirements according to drinking water regulations. UV water purification.
  • applications range from municipal to domestic water supplies and Vending machines water. UV is also used for preventing bacterial growth in water collection systems applicable in domestic rainwater collection systems. From small household disinfection systems to large municipal systems, American Air & Water offers a wide range of UV drinking water disinfection systems manufactured by Ultraviolet Technologies.


  • UV does not alter taste, odour, colour or pH of the water
  • UV does not require the addition of chemicals
  • UV does not impart toxic by-products into the water
  • UV systems are compact and easy to install
  • UV systems require very little maintenance
  • Running costs are often lower than those of a household light bulb.

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