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Our technical services also provide for cost-effective and sustainable design and operation of water and wastewater treatment systems in the face of increasingly stringent external and internal performance expectations. Our clients often engage with us to solve challenges and realize their ambitions. 


 We run and respond to water tests like the results affect our bottom line—because they do. Consistent water testing with is the best system of quality checks and balances. As leaders of innovative water management, we’re constantly looking for new and better ways to automate water testing and ultimately provide results you can have 100 percent confidence in.When there’s a problem with your water treatment system, understands that the real benefit of testing is revealed after the result. It takes a seasoned pro to accurately interpret and recommend the right —and efficient —corrective action so you spend less time reacting to disruptive water issues and more time up and running.Pure and simple, our experts test, interpret, and implement corrective measures as if your water treatment system was our own, allowing you to focus on what you do best every day.


carries both drop and titration test kits for boiler, cooling, and wastewater analysis. Drop Test Kits provide easy-to-follow procedures with accurate results and are often the first choice for monitoring your boiler and cooling water systems. Titration kits offer a greater level of precision when performing water analysis.

Manufactured Test Kits and Equipment. Many companies have developed test methods that use colorimetric analysis to provide water testing data. These methods often have user-friendly procedures and include pre-measured reagents. They generally use a color wheel or colorimeter to assist in determining the test results.


An after-sales service corresponds to the activities and processes undertaken by to ensure customers are satisfied with their purchased good or service. In other words, it pertains to any services provided after a product has been sold.The purpose of after-sales service is to enhance the attractiveness and sales value of a product, provide product differentiation, build and maintain relationships with the customers, create loyalty, encourage repeat sales from these loyal customers, promote further the image of the business or its brands, and encourage customers to refer the business or its products to others. 


 According to The United States Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Technical Manual, cooling tower cleaning and chlorination should be performed a minimum of twice a year. These towers require regular cleaning to remove dirt, pollen, dust, insects, and other debris that has built up over time. These contaminants not only affect energy efficiency, but can cause a wide array of additional problems, as well, including:Microorganism Growth, which can cause under-deposit corrosion and premature basin failure.Water Treatment Costs can begin to skyrocket.Scale Deposits and algae can begin to grow inside the system, posing health risks to maintenance personnel.As you can clearly see, regular cooling tower cleaning is important for several reasons. But that reason you care most about, the reason affecting your bottom line, is energy efficiency. You see, as calcium deposits grow, they begin to restrict and/or divert water and air flow, affecting the natural evaporation and efficiency of the cooling tower.


Chlorination.Clean hot decks spray nozzles and orifices.The Tower basin should be cleaned and disinfected.The fan housing should be carefully scrubbed and disinfected.All distribution pans should be opened and cleaned.Pressure wash tower surfaces and basin.Vacuum the tower sump.Properly dispose of debris.Unfortunately, cooling tower cleaning is often neglected or performed improperly. Cooling tower cleaning is a labor intensive process that requires expertise, training, and specialized equipment. At Services, our service technicians have the experience and expertise to perform a wide range of maintenance services on your mechanical and HVAC equipment.Regular cooling tower cleaning and maintenance is an essential to improve energy efficiency, reduce energy costs, and prolong cooling tower life. This is why we recommend a preventive maintenance plan. It will more than pay for itself in the long run. Our customized HVAC preventive maintenance contracts help property management companies enhance their property’s value and retain tenants.Call today to get a preventive maintenance quote for your HVAC system.

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