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  • Also known as a chemical dosing or injection pump depend on the industry it gets utilized in, it is a positive displacement pump designed to pump chemicals at a precise rate of flow.
  • Chemical metering pumps get employed in many different industries including agriculture, industrial setups, large-scale medical manufacturing as well as in treating swimming pool water.
  • There are many ways the chemical dosing pump can maintain the precise rate of flow, depending on the type of pump as well as the features it includes. Nonetheless, most metering pumps draw an exact amount of chemical into a chamber before injecting it into a pipe or tank for dosing.


  • The safe and effective storage and dosing of liquid chemicals is important for a number of environmental, safety and economic reasons.
  • Good chemical storage and bunding solutions improve manufacturing processes, minimise health and safety issues, prevent unwanted chemical spills, safeguard wastewater discharge consents, and optimise product shelf-life.
  • that are ideal for use with solutions that have a high viscosity or a low vapour pressure

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